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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Create and Cut Custom Designs for Any Garment

Siser® heat transfer materials by the roll make short run orders and fast service for custom garment printing a profitable reality.

For use with any cutter. Apply with a heat press.

Discover our complete line of cuttable materials, for heat application on any fabric. Whether you’re decorating cotton t-shirts, nylon jackets or performance wear for corporate, sports or fashion, we have a heat transfer material in the color and finish you require.

Manufactured according to strict European requirements for quality, consistency and washability.

Print out the Siser® Heat Transfer Materials CADCUT Reference Chart for an overview of all available materials, color availability, suggested uses and application instructions.

Why the material is round to 14.75” and 19.75”?

It is an industry practice to round up the to the nearest whole number size for HTV width labeling.

The actual size of the Easyweed rolls is 14.75” because when the materials are slit down to the specific size it is to achieve the best yield to minimize waste material. If the rolls were exactly 15 or 20 inches, there would be a lot of waste material. This waste can really impact the end cost of the material roll and also create excessive odd sized waste in the long run.


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