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60 cm DTF Printer Dual Print Head Epson i3200 with Oven

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60 cm DTF Printer dual print head with Oven

60CM DTF Printer Dual Print Head Epson i3200


No Item 60cm DTF Printer
1 Nozzle: 2 Epson I3200 Head 
2 Ink: water-base C,M,Y,K+WW
3 Print Width: 600mm
4 Speed: 4Pass/15sqm 6Pass/12sqm 8Pass/210qm
5 Software Maintop / Rip / Photoprint
6 Print Accuracy: 1440Dpi
7 Temperature: 20-30℃  45-65%
8 Cover Area
Printer 166L*75W*68H 
Shaking Powder Machine 94L*129W*120H
9 Supply Voltage: AC 110V-240V
 Relevant Features:


  1. Dual i3200 Print Heads:

    • Equipped with two advanced Epson i3200 print heads, offering faster printing speeds and higher precision compared to single-head models.
  2. 60 cm Print Width:

    • A generous 60 cm (approximately 24 inches) print width allows for larger designs and more efficient production of garments and other items.
  3. Direct to Film Printing Technology:

    • Utilizes DTF technology to print designs onto special films that can be transferred to a variety of fabrics, including those that are difficult for traditional DTG printers.
  4. High-Resolution Printing:

    • Capable of producing high-quality prints with fine details and a wide color gamut, ensuring vibrant and sharp images.
  5. White Ink Circulation System:

    • Comes with a white ink circulation system to prevent pigment sedimentation, reducing clogs and maintenance needs, and ensuring consistent print quality.
  6. Automatic Maintenance System:

    • Features an automatic maintenance system that cleans and preserves the print heads, extending their lifespan and maintaining print quality.
  7. Wide Range of Substrates:

    • Compatible with a variety of fabrics and materials, offering versatility for different projects and applications.
  8. Robust Build Quality:

    • Constructed with durable components designed for reliability and longevity, even in high-volume printing environments.
  9. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies operation and streamlines the printing process, making it accessible for users of varying skill levels.


These features combine to make the 60 cm dual print head i3200 DTF printer a powerful and versatile tool for businesses and individuals looking for high-quality, efficient fabric printing solutions.




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