EasyPSV™ Permanent

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EasyPSV™ Permanent

The stick that stays!

EasyPSV™ Permanent by Siser® is your go-to decal vinyl for long-lasting projects. Durable enough to withstand outdoor elements such as sun exposure and rain,  EasyPSV Permanent is ideal for car graphics, porch signs, and outdoor tools or equipment.

Customize objects with your name or even your business’ name using EasyPSV for a decoration that lasts up to 3-5 years. The smooth glossy surface and permanent adhesive will turn any hard surface into a work of art! Even choose from glowing and etched appearances as well when you use EasyPSV Permanent!

The Application Tape is a “recommend accessory” for the EasyPSV.

A few tips:

The Chalkboard PSV is normally not cut into intricate designs (Chalkboard PSV is commonly used for basic-cut shapes/labels/boards/etc.) so it’s possible that application tape is not needed all of the time. Especially since Chalkboard and Glow PSV are much thicker.

For Glow and Chalkboard – We use application tape when I need to keep designs together or have larger graphics. Also using application tape with these films will stop me from touching the adhesive and creating bubbles.

For all other products – Standard permanent, removable, etch and glitter – I ALWAYS use Application Tape no matter what. I hope these helps !

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